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Rovan LT450A1/5 Scale RC Gas Truck 4WD 45cc Engine

Rovan LT450A1/5 Scale RC Gas Truck 4WD 45cc Engine

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The LT450A is a high-performance engine with high-strength 7075 metal parts. The performance of the 450LT, the chassis, and front, and rear shock-absorbing towers use 7075 metal reinforcement, the front, and rear support beams also use CNC metal support beams, the equipment compartment throttle brake servo Position, uses CNC metal reinforcement upgrades, and metal shock absorption.

1, 45cc single-cylinder air-cooled 2-stroke four-point fixed super easy-to-start gasoline engine (with Walbro1107 carburetor, NGK spark plug)
2.Size: LxWxH: 965x527x311mm
3, track 525mm
4, wheelbase 610mm
5, silence horn exhaust pipe
6, 800CC large volume fuel tank
7, four-drive shaft drive system
8, front, middle, and rear three-stage differential system
9, differential double disc brake mode
10. Front CVD drive half shaft and rear shaft head drive shaft
11. Short drive shaft before power output, rear drive shaft
12, metal differential bracket
13, metal clutch cup support cover
14,8000 rpm wear-resistant clutch
15, one hex clutch disc
16, 6V 4500 mAh battery
17, BER 2.4G LED screen three-channel remote control
18, 55KG full metal gear throttle servo
19, 55KG full metal gear steering gear (standard CNC steering arm)
20, front and rear anti-roll bar group
21, 7mm front and rear full metal hydraulic shock absorption
22, CNC metal front and rear support beams
23, 7075 aluminum alloy front and rear shock absorber bracket
24, 5mmCNC integrated molding 7075 aluminum alloy chassis
25, PC material split car shell
26, Easy to disassemble full protection anti-roll cage

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